Tanzania Diaspora

Wakati Ni Sasa Wanawake Ni Jeshi Kubwa
Tanzanian Diaspora Super Women will be the rst forum of its kind to unleash the potentials in women that will make them see more opportunities from a business perspective, strengthening their different roles in the society. The primary goal of Tanzanian Diaspora Super Women 2022 is to bring together a broad diversity of women with different roles in our community and hence provide them with knowledge and skills on how to balance and manage these roles
Tanzanian Diaspora Super Women2022 will directly engage women who are successful in various aspects and are willing to share their road of success to other ambitious women. In participation we will have a pool of talented women such as successful women entrepreneurs, successful women in the corporate level (CEO’s,CFO’S, Advocates, Doctors), Government leadership and inspirational women (motivational speakers) These women will share their experiences, hustles and achievement on how they manage to balance these roles and still living their dream.